Joshua Tree

20 years ago!

When is the second best time?


I’ve been reading Michael Hyatt’s Blog for a couple years and this week, started listening to his Podcast “This is Your Life” as well.  He shared the above quote in the Podcast I listened to on my way home from vacation (yesterday) and when I heard it, I knew… it’s about time I REALLY start my Blog (today).

A tree was planted 20 something-ish  years ago.  When I was a little girl I prayed for a piano everyday.  Finally, years later when I was 8, one of my dad’s students asked if we would like a piano.  My prayers were answered!  One of my dad’s colleagues offered to teach me lessons.  She was strict but I LOVED the piano.  I was always making up songs, playing with my eyes closed and trying to see just how fast I could play my lesson songs.

On my vacation this past week I started reading “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls.  I haven’t completed it yet (you try finishing an entire book while on vacation with a one year old!) but I love Walls’ ability to tell vivid, colorful stories.  She tells a story of painting Joshua Trees with her mother in the desert.  A Joshua Tree isn’t just a great U2 album, it’s a tree that’s shaped by the wind (see the above photo).  As a little girl, Jeannette thinks the trees are ugly.  Her mother assures her they are beautiful, perhaps more beautiful than a tree that looks normal, because of their imperfections.

I don’t know what kind of tree my blog is going to be but I think of my musical journey as a sort of Joshua Tree.  I’ve had some rough seasons, some wonderful teachers, some unremarkable teachers, seasons of confusion, frustration and beauty.  I’m no classical genius or jazz master but I have a wind-shaped, unpredictable, artistic, passionate and ultimately, beautiful picture I’ve been painting… and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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