Every Wednesday for the past 3 years I taught Josh* guitar lessons.  I can still remember the first day I met him… freckles, shy, a guitar that wouldn’t stay in tune no matter what.  I taught him songs and theory and had meaningful conversations with him. every. single. week.

One day it struck me that I probably know him better than some of his relatives.  That’s a big deal.  I mean, how often do you see your nephew or niece or cousin…even your Grandma?  Once a month?   A couple times a year?

Teachers, you see your students every week.  They talk to you about school, family, music… their hopes and dreams.

What a gift!  To influence a child.  To teach!

This week I referred Josh to another teacher because it seemed like it was the right thing for him.  He needed new challenges and a different perspective.  He’s about to be a high schooler, he’s not a kid anymore.

Sometimes, as teachers, we need to do something because it’s the best thing for our student.

Still, it’s weird.  I’ll sure miss seeing Josh every week!  In fact, I might never see him again.  Weird.

*Name changed for privacy


  1. That’s very deep. I wonder if my guitar teacher of over 5 years felt that way when I left quite awhile back. I know he really liked me in particular. I went to one of his gigs towards the tail end of my lessons with him, and he actually dedicated a song to me, playing the Mario theme song, since he knew I liked videogames. The fact is, though, I was just a kid when I started with him and he saw me go as an almost 6-foot tall teenager. That’s gotta be tough for a teacher to experience.

    • Hey Steve… thanks for reading & commenting! It is tough! Wow, you were with your teacher for years! Did you find a new teacher? How are you developing your skills now? Have you seen your teacher since?

  2. The reason I quit taking lessons back then was because I felt I got all I could from lessons at the time being. I wanted to start developing my songwriting skills more, and I wanted to start recording music. I also wanted to start learning vocals, and I did that with a different teacher there for about a year.

    I have seen him since a few times, though. The place I took lessons doubles as a music shop. I go there to buy new strings, picks, cords, etc… and I usually see him there.

    As for how I’m developing my skills now, I still play guitar about 30-45 minutes every day most days, mostly on my own music, scales and general exercises. I be sure to learn songs from worship bands or artists I like here and there, though, to keep my mind up with playing music that isn’t mine. I also exercise my voice and sing while I play to keep my voice strong.

  3. That was a touching story about Josh, you probably might see him again. Teaching kids and letting them go away to other Teachers, is simply Love. Letting him go away will bring him back into your life again soon. Don’t feel sad about it, he’ll be fine and so would you. Cheers and remain blessed, hugs and kisses to my little nephew Zeke and warm regards to Harmony, Luv u!

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