Just in case my last blog sounded too much like I was trying to dissuade you from playing the guitar, I thought I’d give you a couple reasons why you SHOULD play they guitar, and therefore, unless your a self-teaching ninja, take guitar lessons.

I play several instruments (piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, accordion) but guitar is my favorite.  There are lots of reasons you should play the guitar but here are a few:

1.  Every campfire needs a guitar

From “Kumbaya” to “Leaving on a Jetplane” to “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, campfires and music both have the ability to bring people together.  Together they’re unstoppable.  I mean, imagine if all of the world’s leaders just sat down around a campfire and sang “Heal the World”… BAM!  World peace!

2.  You can take it anywhere (almost)

I wouldn’t recommend taking it to the bathroom, though it could be done.  My guitar has gone to Peru, England, Italy, Ireland and Liberia.  The guitar is so awesome that even if there’s no electricity, you can play it!  You can bring a guitar to a remote island.  I’m quite confident that you could take one in a submarine or space shuttle.  I know, I know… you could bring a trumpet on a submarine too… but then everyone would hate you.  Nobody hates the guitar (well, I guess I did read a blog about that once… and I’m not saying I hate the trumpet… but I would hate it on a submarine).

3.  It’s fun to sing & play guitar at the same time!

Busking.  Songwriting.  Rock bands.  There are so many things you can do while playing guitar and singing.  You simply can’t play the clarinet, tuba, trumpet, flute, saxophone, bassoon, trombone, french horn, or oboe and sing at the same time.  Impossible!

4.  Learn 4 chords and you can play half of all pop and/or rock music in Western culture.

Ok, maybe not half but it’s amazing how 4 simple chords can result in so many different sounding songs.  Do yourself a favor, go learn G, C, D and Em.  Done?  Ok, now you can play “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Good Riddance”, “My Girl”… the list goes on and on and on…

Point proven.

5.  It’ll get you the girl!  (Or, in my case, the boy)

The boys at my college understood this point completely.  They would sit in the lobby of the dorms and play their guitars until a couple of ladies gathered around to watch, then they’d look at the cutest girl, wink, and start playing their most impressive Dave Matthews lick… worked (almost) every time!  I’m telling you, that spot, on the couch, near the door was like prime real-estate… camp out there with your guitar for a couple hours and you were bound to get a date.

See, isn’t the guitar awesome!?!

Why do YOU like to play the guitar?  Or, why WOULD you like to play the guitar?!


  1. I like guitar as its melody is so good and soooo different from the others, you don’t need other instruments like in an orchestra to support it for a song, I just adore it

    • That’s my mom! She started this craze by teaching me my first chords and singing & playing guitar for me when I was a little girl! What a wonderful gift to give your child … thanks mom!!!!!!

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