PG-13 Piano Lessons

From “Kids Say the Darndest Things” to the plethora of funny videos of kids on YouTube, kids have been saying and doing funny things since the beginning of time.  Sometimes it’s outright awkward.

True story.

A couple years ago, I inherited a bunch of materials from a teacher who was getting out of the business: lesson books, theory worksheets, musical stickers, etc.

I had this one student who was really struggling with note identification so I grabbed a theory worksheet, from my new stash, you know… the kind that tells a story using music notes to spell out the words.  My student took it home with him and completed it that week.

At our next lesson, he sat down and asked, “Miss Amaryah, what’s a “fag””…

Yep, there it was, right there in the middle of the theory page, “Fag”.

Turns out the theory page was from the 70s… in England.

What would you have done?

a. “Oh, that’s a typo… they meant “fad” or “fab”

b. “Oh yeah, that’s a fancy word from England that means “cigarette”

c. “That’s a really bad word, don’t ever say it again!”

d.  Other: _________________

On a totally different occasion, with a different student, I was teaching a guitar lesson in his house.  The boy was probably 8 or 9 years old.  We were going over the last week’s assignment when his dog dragged a stuffed animal into the room and started humping it.

I pretended like nothing was happening at first thinking maybe the dog would just go away…

Nope.  He kept at it… for quite some time.

Meanwhile, my student gets out of his seat, kneels on the floor, tilts his head and stares at his dog then exclaims, “Miss Amaryah, what is that thing on my dog?”

Me, “What do you mean?”

Student, “That thing!!! It’s so disgusting!  We’ve got to get it off of him!

Again, what would you do?

a. Nothing, continue to ignore and hope it goes away. Return to the lesson (good luck!)

b. “You need to ask your mom later”

c. Lie.  “That’s just part of the stuffed animal, silly.”

d. Other: __________

I’d love to hear what you would have done in these senarios.  Reminds me of a blog I read last week (which is probably my new favorite music blog!).

I’m sure you’ve got your own stories!  What awkward interactions have you had to deal with in lessons?

4 thoughts on “PG-13 Piano Lessons

  1. One word: LOL! There’s definitely never a dull moment in this line of work! Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t that juicy except for a very few occasions of young boys audibly passing gas during lessons and one of them, a preschooler, thought it was kind of cute. :p

    • Oh man… these are just a couple of my stories… kids are so funny! 🙂 Tell you what, the whole passing gas thing was nearly the end of my teaching career when I was pregnant (hopefully this isn’t TMI ;)) … combined with my morning sickness, I was running out of the room to puke almost once a day because I couldn’t handle the smell! I don’t think my students fart that often… but it sure felt like it when I was pregnant!

      • Wowza, I just saw your reply WAY after the fact – right after Black Friday! LOL! 😀 The notifications on WordPress are somehow hidden (as opposed to the more overt Facebook ones), so that’s why I didn’t notice your reply.

        But anyway, I’m used to all that TMI stuff, having been in the health care field for who knows how long. 🙂 I know about the whole morning sickness thing since I had similar side effects from birth control.

        I think farting should be addressed in studio policies. Seriously. 😀

        I guess I’m glad that I’m currently teaching exclusively older students with better physical control. LOL.

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