To complete my series on the usefulness of the iPad in Lessons, I wanted to share apps that are good for playing music.  These are the four that make the cut!

1.  Sound Prism

This app provides a super simple way for you to accompany your student in practically any key.  By touching the screen, you can play a note or chord to match your student’s song.  The Lite version has 4 sounds: organ, pad, rhodes and synth.  This app is also a good tool for teaching the chords found in a key (displayed on the left side of the app’s screen).

2.  Digi HD Lite

Why clap out a rhythm when your student can play it on the drums?  Or a drum pad, that is.  This app is a refreshing way to do rhythm work.  From your youngest to your oldest student, work out rhythms on this app and feel cool “playing the drums”!

3.  WI Orchestra

First, you choose your sound.  You want Flute? Trumpet?  Got it!  For $2.99, you can purchase additional sounds too (like a full string section)!  Next, you hit the record button and start creating!  This app is great for composition assignments or experimenting with recording.  You can record a part and play along with it.


This one will cost you (not too much though… $4.99)! Garageband comes with a TON of sounds, sample loops, effects, etc.  It is a great app for introducing your students to recording and songwriting.  You can literally record an entire song, with a complete band sound using just this app.  With a special adapter you can plug in your keyboard, electric guitar amp, etc and have an instant portable studio.  One especially cool feature lets you create a “jam session” in which other students can participate in the recording process, each on their own iPads.

I’ll have more posts about the iPad in the future as I discover more apps and try out new tools in lessons.  For now, check out the apps I’ve mentioned in this post and my other 2 posts in this series:

Part 1: Practical Tools

Part 2: Theory

Please feel free to send app suggestions or recommendations my way and have fun using technology to teach!

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