PRACTICING 101: PRODUCT REVIEW “SHHHH… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice” (PART 3 of 3)

Before I even purchased “SHHHH… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice” I knew it was going to be a wonderful resource. I saw the 3 sample pages and thought, “this husband/wife combo is brilliant!”

This book truly makes practicing fun for students! I’ve been testing it out on my students during their lessons and the results are remarkable! THE KIDS LOVE IT! Which means… they’ll practice because they want to (there’s almost nothing better than that for a teacher)!

After a clever paragraph inspiring kids to practice, the book prompts kids to make a commitment to daily practice, “But you’ve got to use this book every day. Promise?”  One of my students couldn’t stop giggling when she had to choose between the following options: “Yes, I promise” or “OK, I promise”. Great kid humor!

The exercises encourage kids to move (literally), memorize and try something out-of-the-box (YOLO people!). They are silly activities that accomplish serious goals!

The only drawback I see is that *some* (not many) of the activities would be intimidating for introverted students (the ones who are super shy and who don’t get a kick out of performing); however, the few exceptions don’t dampen my opinion of the book in the least. With 88 exercises there’s enough variety to appeal to the whole spectrum of personalities.

In addition to putting out a great product, the authors Andrea and Trevor Dow have generously given permission to teachers to make copies for their studios. (They teach private lessons and run a studio too… so I think they understand how all those materials add up!)

I give this book 5 stars (a rating I rarely see myself giving in future product reviews). Go buy this book… right now!

2 thoughts on “PRACTICING 101: PRODUCT REVIEW “SHHHH… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice” (PART 3 of 3)

  1. Ha, AWESOME POSSUM! 🙂 I wonder if it’s useful for older students (teens and adults) as well! I figure maybe some of them are. But thanks for the info anyway! 🙂 Years ago when I still taught younger students, I used Three Cranky Women (TCW) products. Great humorous stuff. BTW, TCW was acquired by Kjos in ’07. They’ve got a presence on Facebook now:

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