DSC_0385edit Amaryah LaBeff – Author, speaker, performer/entertainer

My name is Amaryah LaBeff (aka, Miss Amaryah). I’ve been teaching private music classes/lessons (guitar, piano, violin, voice and sometimes ukulele/mandolin too) for over 15 years. I currently teach songwriting at Visible Music College near Chicago.

I’m married to another talented musician, Harmony. We have 2 sons, Zeke & Ezra, and an Italian Greyhound, Delilah. We’ve done music all over the continental US as well as England, Italy, Ireland, Peru, Singapore, Liberia, etc.

In my free time, I love to upcycle/repurpose furniture, try out new recipes in the kitchen and spend time with my little boys.

After earning my Bachelors in Music at North Central University in Minneapolis, I set out to develop new techniques for teaching music in simple, deliberate steps, believing the gift of reading and making music should be accessible to every child.  Nothing makes me happier than empowering kids & parents to read music… to watch as the magic of music unlock creativity and joy!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMegan Bartle – Illustrator

Megan needed little more than a bowlful of cookies and a play date with her five-year-old niece, Haley, to be inspired with her whimsical illustrations. Hours of dress up games and make-believe revealed endless possibilities for the characters in the story – Monkey C. was born! Megan is a graduate of Evangel University and lives in Delaware with her husband, Anthony, and daughters, Adi & Ingrid. When she’s not getting covered in paint, clay or ink, she’s probably working in her garden or rough-housing with their dog, Trigger!

Monkey CMonkey C. & Zoo

While most children begin school with a head start on letters, numbers, colors and even words, they’ve had little or no exposure to reading music or learning music theory. This unfortunate trend shouldn’t be surprising as there are almost no resources that enable parents, especially non-musical parents, to teach their children music. Often, it isn’t until a child is enrolled in private lessons or takes a class at school (if their school is fortunate enough to even have a music program) that they have any music learning.

The answer! “Monkey C. & Zoo”

I set out to meet that need… resulting in a unique book series that uses stories to teach musical concepts!

What’s cool about the series is that these kinds of books simply didn’t exist… until now. There are music lesson books and there are storybooks, but I’ve combined the two in such a way that kids can learn music theory on their own, with a parent or with a teacher. The lesson learned can be applied on an instrument but doesn’t have to be.

What is the target age group?

This series is for anyone who wants to start learning music but was specifically designed for preschool and early elementary age children. It could be used by teachers as a supplemental teaching tool or parents who want to start introducing their children to music, thus giving them a head start in learning music theory.