4 Ways to Fight the Fear “You’re Too Poor to Accomplish Your Dream”


Have the little voices in your head ever said, “you’re too poor to go after your dream?” Oh, you don’t hear voices? Um, I mean..

You probably don’t have the salary you’d prefer. You might not have a savings account. Maybe you don’t own a computer. Maybe you can’t afford a car.

..You might not even have a job!

For a very long time I didn’t work on my dream because I believed the lie that I was too poor to accomplish it.

You see, in 2009 I had already written my first book, “Money C. Counts 1, 2, 3” when I decided to hole myself in a room for an entire weekend (waking up at 7 am and going to bed at 2 am) as a big push to complete the graphics and finally send it off to the printer. I worked really, really hard and got the work done. I was ready to ship.

A few days later I woke up, got my coffee and went to grab my beautiful, shiny, silver Apple Powerbook that I had bought in college. I was in for a big surprise! My computer was so HOT that I actually burned my fingers! I couldn’t even pick it up. I had to go to the kitchen and get my oven mitts in order to carry the computer over to the window ledge where the crisp winter air could cool it down. My precious computer was fried, literally. Even the Apple geniuses couldn’t fix it. (more…)