Is Your Toddler/Pre-Schooler Ready For Music Lessons?


My son with his first piano book! He was so proud of it that he insisted on bringing it to Grandpa & Grandma’s house to show them!

This is my son.  Isn’t he cute?  My husband and I are both professional musicians with music degrees so we naturally hoped our kid would be into music and did everything in our means to make music appreciation and learning available to him.  We expose him to everything from Mozart to Little Richard to The Killers.  He’s got a drum kit, a keyboard and a little guitar (these were all gifts from other people, actually).  We let him play our own instruments (violin, mandolin, guitar, etc) with assistance.  Thankfully, he LOVES music.  Big sigh of relief!!!

His favorite song right now is “Roar” by Katy Perry to which he knows most of the words and he expresses his love for the song by krumping (He doesn’t know that it’s is not stylistically fitting and yes, he has seen part of Rize… no regrets there).  If you ask him, he’ll say his favorite instrument is the piano but a few months ago it was the drums, so he’s still deciding.

(This video was taken when he was 1 and drums were still his favorite instrument!)

He’s only 2 but I’ve determined that he’s ready for piano lessons!  I’ve been teaching young children music lessons since 2002 so by now, I know the signs.


13 Songs That Make Parenting a Toddler More Fun!


Raising a toddler… wow! If you’ve got one, you know what I mean.

I absolutely adore my son and generally feel like I’m pretty lucky. He usually obeys. He’s positive and smiles a lot. He usually eats his vegetables and picks up his toys. But I haven’t figured out the potty training thing yet and every once in a while (a lot more often since he turned two) my son throws a really terrible, embarrassing, screaming, throwing, kicking tantrum!

I’ve tried several different tactics for calming the storm but one method has proven to be the most effective so far…

A while back my son randomly picked the TV show “Daniel’s Neighborhood” (a cartoon spin-off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) from a line-up of shows on Netflix. We were watching the episode when one of the songs really stuck out to me. It was called, “When You Feel So Mad That You Want To Roar”. As the song played a couple times during the show I sang it under my breath so I could remember it later. I had the distinct feeling that it might help my son calm down.

It helped me that same day!